The Girl Who Bounced Too High

"Two sisters decide to spend their day outside with Ted the bear and Sparkles the cat. After finding a trampoline surrounded by daisies, whilst feeding the birds, Lily decides to have a go and see how high she could bounce. How high will she go?"

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The Girl Who Bounced Too High

This book is a 32 page children’s book. The story had originally been written by my Grandad and over the last few months I have added into the story and created new characters within. The book is currently been kept a secret from my Grandad and I can't wait to show him this after the kickstarter with the finished book in his hands! 

  • Type: Children’s Book

    Series: One shot

    Pages: 32 pages

    Genre: Fantasy

    Authors: Anja Richards & Graham Chambers

    Illustrator: Anja Richards

  • Published date: Forthcoming

    Age group: 0-7 years

    Format: Softcover

    Publisher: Self-published with Doodling The Skye

    ISBN: 9781738560905

    Language: English

2018 - 2019

Original Artwork

These are the first illustrations of the characters by Graham Chambers. The cat sparkles was also my childhood cat growing up, she was very cute and loving and would always be by one of our sides. 

December 2023

Page Mockups

The first sketches of some pages and text placement. I loved adding in dasies and little birds throughout!

January 2024

Block Colour

After being happy with around 5 of the pages, I got to work blocking out colour of the illustrations.